Wow! 2020 is definitely a year people won’t forget. For me, it’s certainly been a year to remember. A quick look back at the year and it’s fair to say there have been many amazing points but there have been some tricky times too. As a business owner, it’s good to share the highs and the lows but also spread some positivity to others.

Where It All Began

Everything happens for a reason and redundancy following furlough brought about an amazing opportunity – chance to set up a new business. Risky in a global pandemic but what a chance to do something so many people dream about. Identity was born in August 2020 and it has gone from strength to strength and been a big part in making it a year to remember.

Thanks to monies raised through Crowdfunder, family and friends, with NatWest match funding the total, the dream became a reality. You can read more about that adventure here! Software, equipment and everything in place, clients started to follow.

Clients Onboard

I have some fabulous long term clients onboard and I have the pleasure of working with so many ambitious and talented SMEs. Identity offers sales and marketing for small and medium size businesses. Those that perhaps need additional resource but not at the stage where they can or want to employ someone.

I have a wonderful interiors company owned by a creative entrepreneur who makes the most wonderful fabric items for around the home. I love running the social media for this business and as an added bonus get lots of inspiration from looking at other people’s homes!

Content writing makes sure that no 2 days are the same. I’m now working with a partner agency and creating blogs, web content and social media for medical professionals, safety companies and even beauty products. It brings such a varied element to the business and this is a growing aspect of the Identity.

Food companies are always good to work with but I have never had the pleasure of such a forward thinking and exciting brand. This is where the sales side of the business comes in. Working with major retailers, food service and export to develop and increase market share. Lots of delicious treats, NPD and huge growth plans.

The list of SMEs is longer but these are just some highlights and as I step in to 2021, I feel lucky to have such an assortment of products and businesses. 6 months of building a client base and so many new friends and contacts along the way, it really has been a year to remember.

I’m also excited to be able to give work to a local designer who has a huge amount of experience and produces social media, packaging, product information and logos. This has been a real high point of the year and I’m proud to have this in place.

As any business owner knows, with the positive, comes the more difficult but character-building moments. Those challenging times when a brand or client isn’t quite a fit. It’s so important to find a way to maintain a relationship but establish that the timing just isn’t right. 2021 could change all that so watch this space!

2021 – Another Year to Remember??

I’d love to set off in to 2021 and make it another fabulous year. With long term contracts, a designer, strategies and all the tools for the job in place, I’m extremely optimistic. I of course couldn’t have made it a year to remember without all the support from everyone around me, especially my little boy (an entrepreneur in the making!). Thank you.

On a final note, it has been a tough year in so many ways but there are positives too. It has been a year of strength and resilience, growth and focus. Whilst many have lost jobs and loved ones, those same people are looking at building a more positive future. If you are one of them, you can do it! If I can, you can!

Wishing everyone a positive start to the new year and all the best for 2021!